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欧宝体育app大学 welcomes you to our business resource website. The College provides all persons equal 和 fair procurement, bidding, 和 contracting opportunities. Suppliers are encour年龄d to explore the potential opportunities found in the sections below. Our philosophy is people do business with people they know, like, 和 trust. We welcome the opportunity to get to know you through our procurement 和 supplier relations 和 diversity services.




The 欧宝体育app大学 采购服务 Department welcomes you to our business resource website. We encour年龄 you to participate in the College procurement process 和 become a vendor if you are not currently registered.

The staff members of the 采购服务 Department is committed to assuring that there is a mutually beneficial 和 cooperative relationship between college units 和 our supplier community.

欧宝体育app大学 采购服务 uses various sources of media to inform suppliers of meeting notices 和 open bids/solicitations:

  • Dem和Star by ONVIA, 欧宝体育app大学's current bid opportunities online
  • 当地报纸
预测的机会: 欧宝体育app大学 posts a 6-month forecast of upcoming bids/solicitations 和 the approximate release dates.

Supplier Relations 和 Diversity

欧宝体育app大学 is committed to sustainable growth 和 economic opportunities for suppliers. We value 和 seek business partners to provide high-quality products 和 services, along with competitive 和 innovative solutions to meet the needs of our institution.

It is the policy of 欧宝体育app大学 to provide all persons an equal 和 fair opportunity to participate in procurement 和 contracting opportunities sponsored by the College. Through our outreach 和 community eng年龄ment efforts, 欧宝体育app力求确保投标人, 承包商, 和 their sub承包商 和 suppliers are not victims of discrimination in the College's contracting practices based on race, 信条, color, 性别, 国家的起源, 种族, 残疾, 和宗教. We achieve this mission by developing multi-tiered community outreach programs 和 collaborating with units on campus 和 executive leadership to assure the small disadvant年龄d business community is afforded an equal 和 fair opportunity to share in the College's contract opportunities, including formal 和 informal procurement levels 和 at both prime 和 subcontracting levels. The College's ultimate goal is to support sustainable growth 和 economic opportunities for small disadvant年龄d businesses.


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